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Team up with the Loaded Lions and turn the city of your dreams into (virtual) reality

Take part in Crypto.com‘s Web3 adventures with Loaded Lions: Mane City, a tycoon simulator featuring the most fabulous felines on the blockchain! The Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs have made their way to Cronos, a vast area filled with endless possibilities and an abundance of resources. Join them as they rebuild their mansion and create a thriving metropolis that’s second to none.

your land awaits

Every structure needs a solid foundation and that’s where land comes in. Your journey to becoming a Mane City tycoon starts with a plot of Crypto.com Land, granting you space to construct a bustling metropolis. This very land even pulls double duty, kickstarting your production of Diamonds and Gold for buildings and furniture.

P.S. It’s also the key to wider Crypto.com Web3 adventures. Stay tuned for more details soon!

your land awaits

The “Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier” collection contains 25,000 land NFTs distributed across an equal number of deeds, with five rarity levels in total. Mane Netizens enjoy priority access and discounts for this drop, along with special in-game bonuses.

5 Land Rarities

Crimson Dunes (starter)



Alluring Aurora (rare)



Sapphire Lagoon (epic)



Molten Cavern (legendary)



Blocked Chain (mythical)



Your deeds will be revealed as one of the lands above. Each one boasts a unique design and the higher the rarity, the more resources it generates.

land sale details

wen mint


Private sale


13 December 2022

13:00 utc

Loaded Lions owners get to purchase their land a full 48 hours early at an exclusive discount.

allowlist early access

15 DECEMBER 2022

12:00 utc

1 hour of Early Access will be granted to allowlisted users before the public sale.

public sale

15 DECEMBER 2022

13:00 utc

The “Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier” drop will then go live on Crypto.com NFT on 15 December 2022.

land packs


Blocked Chain (mythical)

private : US$59

early / public : US$79

This pack contains 1 First Frontier deed


Blocked Chain (mythical)

private : US$149

early / public : US$219

This pack contains 3 First Frontier deeds


Blocked Chain (mythical)

private : US$199

early / public : US$319

This pack contains 5 First Frontier deeds

Each First Frontier deed will be revealed as one of five land NFTs. These NFTs are crucial for playing Loaded Lions: Mane City.

Buy Land at

Buy Land at


What is Loaded Lions: Mane City?

Loaded Lions: Mane City is a tycoon-style game powered by Cronos using the Cronos Play SDK. Each player is an entrepreneur with the goal of building and designing their dream city and mansion. The rewards earned from gaining experience points along with the strategic placements of your buildings in the game can ultimately be exchanged for CRO. Check out the blog for more details regarding gameplay mechanics.

What do I need to play Loaded Lions: Mane City?

You’ll need at least one “Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier” NFT of any tier. These collectibles can be purchased from the “Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier” land sale.

Do I need a “Loaded Lions” or “Cyber Cubs” NFT for this game?

“Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” NFT holders will receive exclusive benefits in Loaded Lions: Mane City, including boosters and non-tradable assets. However, they will not be required to access the game itself.

When and where can I buy the land NFTs?

You can purchase the “Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier” NFTs on Crypto.com NFT. Please note that you’ll need to create an account first if you haven’t already done so. “Loaded Lions” holders can shop the drop during the private sale for Mane Netizens. Allowlisted users will get exclusive access one hour before the public sale begins, which will be held 48 hours after the private sale commences. Check out the blog for the full details of the land sale.

How do I get allowlist access to the land sale?

To celebrate the “Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier” drop, we are giving out over 1,500 allowlist spots to various projects on Cronos and Crypto.com NFT. What’s more, all “Cyber Cubs” NFT holders will also receive an allowlist spot. Visit the blog to view all the projects included in this list.

What else can be done with my land NFTs other than playing the game?

These NFTs are much more than a ticket to Mane City. The land NFTs will act as your pass for more exciting Web3 initiatives from Crypto.com in the future. For more details about these special NFTs, visit our blog.

Will there be benefits in the game for owning multiple land NFTs or “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” NFTs?

The more land and/or “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” NFTs you own, the faster you’ll be able to generate in-game currencies. These currencies will then speed up your progress in building the city of your dreams. However, please note that the marginal return on in-game currency generation will decrease for each additional land NFT you hold in order to keep the game fun and competitive for everyone. Stay tuned for more information about Loaded Lions: Mane City.

Is there a cap to how many packs a single user can purchase from the drop?

Yes, there will be a cap on the number of land packs that each user can purchase. This gives everyone a chance to participate in the drop and come away with their very own Crypto.com Land NFT.

Will there be a queue before the drop starts?

Yes. You can start queueing 60 minutes prior to the start of each sale period (Private, Early Access, and Public). For more details about the queueing system, please visit this page. And if you have allowlist access or own a “Loaded Lions” or “Cyber Cubs” NFT, remember to login to your Crypto.com NFT account before joining the queue!

What happens if I’m not able to purchase a land pack in the drop?

Depending on the popularity of the “Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier” drop, there might not be enough First Frontier deeds to go around. However, all users will be able to purchase First Frontier deeds in the secondary marketplace after the public drop ends. Please note that secondary marketplace trading will not be available until the public drop ends.

What are the rarities of the five distinct land NFTs?

There are five rarities for the land NFTs. What's more, each rarity has a unique design and backstory. All users will have an equal chance to secure these incredible pieces. The probabilities are the same across all pack types and sale periods.Crimson Dunes 60%
Alluring Aurora 25%
Sapphire Lagoon 10%
Molten Cavern 4%
Blocked Chain 1%

Will "Loaded Lions" NFT holders pay the general mint price or the Loaded Lions discounted price after the Private Sale?

"Loaded Lions" NFT holders can enjoy the discounted price only in the private sale period. If holders choose to mint in the two other sale periods, they will need to pay the general mint price.

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